Dough Roller

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Dough Divider and Rounder System

    This automatic system offers a marvellous time saving facility to high output kitchens and bakeries. Available as a combined system or as two separate units, the driving machine accurately portions the mix into pieces and the rounder machine then roles the dough into a tight ball. This facility reduces labour costs and help produce a consisted product.

The portion size produced by the divider is regulated by either a time or a feeler pin (both facilities are on the same machine). Extrusion cones cover the whole range from 20-800 grams.

Once portioned the dough is dropped into the rounder. The pieces are then rolled up through the spiral rounding system than out onto a platform in a neatly rolled ball, ready to be placed in your dough trays for storage.


Dough Divider

Model Weight Range Hourly production Tank Capacity Weight Power Price
P40 20-800 grams 250-280 kg 40 litre 73 kg 0.5 kW 4250

Dough Rounder
Model Weight Range Hourly production Dimension Power Price
PA300 10-300 grams 3500 units 300 x 500 x 770 mm 0.65 kW 2420
PA1300 30-1300 grams 3500 units 720 x 720 x 850 mm 0.85 kW 3749

Stand: 485

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