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Arneg Odessa 2 SE Multideck Display

  The Arneg Odessa 2 is a wall cabinet suited for displaying fresh meats and salami, dairy products, fruit and vegetables. Distinguished by its ample visibility, thanks to the special large-sized panoramic glasses, it stands out for its refined design that is expressed in elegant and functional lines.

The Arneg Odessa 2 is Arneg's highest capacity integral multi-deck display. With large 450mm shelves and 611mm deck the Odessa-2 is ideal for the retailer who has requirements for high capacity display and is restricted to a remote option.

Grey plastic-coated front trims

White internal

Adjustable height shelves 35mm step

Automatic evaporation of condensing water

Single lighting canopy

Electric defrost

Built-in condensing unit

2 thermoform end walls with thermo plane glass 50mm each

Pull down night blind

Model Width Depth Height Capacity Temperature Price

Odessa 2 SE 1350

1340mm 936mm 2001mm 640 litre 0C / +2C 2479

Odessa 2 SE 1975

1875mm 936mm 2001mm 960 litre 0C / +2C 2869

Odessa 2 SE 2600

2590mm 936mm 2001mm 1280 litre 0C / +2C 3479

Odessa 2 SE 3850

3840mm 936mm 2001mm 1920 litre 0C / +2C 4379


Danny MultiDeck Display


The Danny multideck display is an illuminated refrigerated multideck display combining modern styling with strong robust construction.

The ideal choice for retailers, selling pre-cooked meats, milk & dairy products, sandwiches or chilled drinks, The Danny Multideck display is available in 1.0m/1.2m/1.5m/1.8m/2.0m sizes.

The Danny range includes 4 strong stainless steel shelves with adjustable brackets. Also standard are an external thermometer with digital display enabling easy temperature monitoring and an energy saving night blind.

White plastic coated steel construction

4 levels of display in multideck

4 strong stainless steel shelving

Suitable for drinks and/or dairy products

Energy saving night blind

Digital temperature display

External thermometer

Model Width Depth Height Temperature Price

Danny 100

1000mm 750mm 1820mm +3C / +6C 1495

Danny 120

1200mm 750mm 1820mm +3C / +6C 1665

Danny 150

1500mm 750mm 1820mm +3C / +6C 1889

Danny 180

1800mm 750mm 1820mm +3C / +6C 2159

Danny 200

2000mm 750mm 1820mm +3C / +6C 2419


Arneg Nimes MultiDeck  Display


The number one choice for shop keepers world-wide, The Arneg Nimes multideck cabinet combines the highest quality with maximum display area. Perfect for everything from beer and wines to dairy products and soft drinks.

Using unique, advanced materials and technologies, the Arneg Nimes 2 is designed and built to ensure optimum performance with minimum energy-consumption, guaranteeing efficiency and environmental friendship.

The compact dimensions and large display area with 25 mm pitch give the Arneg Nimes 2 multideck display the role of an excellent display cabinet capable of satisfy any display and layout needs.

5 x 450mm shelves with 500mm base shelf

Maximum capacity by using the low 320mm front

Electronic controller

Energy saving night blind

Low energy light and fans

Low noise operation

lowest possible energy consumption

4 sized to meet your requirements

Model Width Depth height Temperature Display Area Lighting Price

Nimes 1875

1875mm 864mm 2100mm 0C / +2C 5.15m 2x30 Watt CALL

Nimes 2500

2500mm 864mm 2100mm 0C / +2C 6.86m 2x36 Watt CALL

Nimes 3750

3750mm 864mm 2100mm 0C / +2C 10.29m 3x36 Watt CALL


Arneg Trent MultiDeck Display


The Arneg Trent Multideck display is an extremely efficient and reliable wall unit. Combining its simple installation, easy clean finishing and excellent value for money the Arneg Trent is a very popular multideck display cabinet.

It is ideal for the sale of cold meats, dairy products or fruit and vegetables and despite its limited size the Arneg Trent multideck display cabinet is a particularly suitable model for specialist shops and small supermarkets, ensuring an excellent product-displaying capacity.

Stainless steel construction

Easy installation

5 shelf levels as standard

Energy saving night blind

Castors as standard

Electronic evaporation system

Auto defrost

Additional shelving available as optional extra

Model Width Width Height Temperature Display Area Lighting Price


900mm 805mm 1996mm -1C / +4C 1.5m 1x18 Watt 2595


1200mm 805mm 1996mm -1C / +4C 2.05m 1x23 Watt 2899


1800mm 805mm 1996mm -1C / +4C 3.15m 1x58 Watt 3359

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